Access qualified drivers when you need them.

Fleeting provides carriers with on-demand CDL drivers for the jobs they need filled.


For fleet managers and driver recruiters, uncertainty has become the norm.

After all, it’s difficult to guarantee a load will arrive on time when your originally scheduled driver calls out sick at the last minute. If you have more empty trucks than quality drivers to fill them, you’re not alone.

That’s where Fleeting comes in.

Fleeting provides your company with a platform to access qualified drivers when your full-time drivers can’t work, even at the last minute. If your recruiting efforts aren’t enough to keep up with your delivery demands, Fleeting certified drivers will step in to take your shipments from point A to point B.


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Easy Carrier On-boarding

Join the Fleeting platform by verifying your company credentials. On-boarding in less than 30 minutes.

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Find & Hire Qualified Drivers

Fleeting’s platform allows you to post the jobs you need filled and connect with pre-vetted drivers. Your fleet can stay ahead of the game by sharing your projected driver demand, approve applications, and whitelist the drivers you want to keep working with.


Grow & Manage Your Fleet

Fleeting helps you use your time wisely and save money on driver acquisition costs. With Fleeting, you only pay drivers for the hours worked - no monthly fees required. Your team can access Fleeting’s support team for logistical management.


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